Driving Traffic to Your Social Pages

You’ve done your research and figured out where your customers are spending their time online. You’ve researched these social platforms and have set up your business pages. You’ve even started posting content and following other businesses in the area. So where are your followers? Unfortunately with social, if you build it they will not come. Luckily, there are ways to get people to notice your page.


1. Invite Friends to Follow your Business Page

This is especially helpful through Facebook, as there is a tab on your business page on the right hand side that allows you to invite people to like your page. This is an easy way to get the word out that you have created your own business page. You can also post a link on your personal page to your business page and announce your new business page to friends and family. This is a great place to start.

Driving Traffic to Your Social Pages

On other platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter, you can like individual pages as your business. We recommend following your customers that you know and any person or business that can help boost your business page.


2. Add your Social Media Links into your Email Signature

If you own a business, chances are you have a business email account. We recommend adding in your social platform links into your signature, along with your business website address. This way anyone who receives an email from you will see that you are active online. Pay attention to your contacts signatures as well. Do they have social media platforms? If so, this is a good way to build upon your relationship by following them online.

Driving Traffic to Your Social Pages


3. Make a Newsletter Announcement

If you have a good email list built up, it’s a good idea to send out an email to your customers or clients to announce your new online presence. Take a cue from Blue Mercury and link them to your social accounts directly and ask them to follow along. You can even add in a different section for each, showing them the advantages of follow on each account.

Driving Traffic to Your Social Pages


4. Add Social Accounts to your Customer Receipts

If you have a product that you are giving a receipt for, make sure to add your social media accounts to the receipt. Be it in store or online purchases, adding these and asking for a review is a great way to get more eyes on your social accounts. Giveaways are very popular on the bottom of receipts, so asking for a follow and review on your social pages to be entered for a monetary or product giveaway will inspire your customers to follow through.


5. You have Business Cards? Use them!

If you are networking or have your business cards at your physical office or retail location, take advantage! Adding your social profiles is another form of contact information for your customers or clients. This allows them a choice of where they want to follow or contact you.

Driving Traffic to Your Social Pages


6. Have a Physical Office or Retail Location? Use Signs!

Again, take advantage of a physical office or retail location by using signs to introduce your social accounts. Add in your username and ask them to follow and review. You can even run a special in house that allows them 10% off for following a social media page right then and there on their smartphones!


7. Utilize your Website

As soon as you set up your social accounts, add these accounts to your website. It’s best to add to the top navigation bar and to the footer of your website. This way it’s static across any page a customer or client may visit.

Driving Traffic to Your Social Pages


8. Social Ads

Last but not least are social ads. Social ads are a great way to gain extra eyes to your social pages by advertising your page on that very platform. Let your target audience know what you do and why they need to follow you. Social advertising platforms have fantastic targeting and are not very expensive. We suggest setting up your page and being active online for a month or two before running a social ad. You want potential fans to be able to see an active page, if they see a page with only a few posts, they may not follow you online.


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