The days may move fast, but social media evolves faster. As social media managers, we constantly try to keep up with platform changes, new trends, the algorithm needs, and everything in between. Honestly, the only way our TargetMarket team stays sane is through the incredible apps that help us do our jobs. The search for these programs comes with some trial and error, but. along the way, we have identified the six apps our team can’t live without. 

A Communication Tool That Creates Teamwork Anywhere 

Here at TargetMarket, we are all big fans of Slack. It is an incredible communication tool that lets us feel like we’re with our team (even on work-from-home days) and has a social media presence that we admire. Don’t worry about an inbox full of team emails; we can discuss everything in a specific channel or an individual dm. You can even connect your Google Calendar apps! This is a great way to get meeting reminders, even when a post is supposed to go live. The team can answer a quick question about a social post immediately, and you can always tell who is online to chat. 

As if that was not enough, don’t get us started on the fun features. From inserting gifs into office conversation to creating a channel solely focused on our March Madness brackets, it is one of those workplace apps that makes the office even more fun.  

The Adobe Photoshop Dupe   

Canva makes a name for itself as one of the best apps available. It is the perfect tool for a social media manager who loves a simplified version of Adobe Photoshop. Graphics can be individualized and branded with the ability to match directly to our client’s brand colors just using a color code. We can’t get enough of the tips and tricks that are available. If you see us scrolling on TikTok…we may even be looking for tutorials on the different tricks people discover. 

It makes it easier for us to let our Creative Director, Patrick get his work done without having to hear, “Patrick, what do you think about this?” multiple times a day.    

Apps That Never Let You Miss A Post   

There is an oversaturation of options for scheduling platforms. However, at TargetMarket, we have found that Sendible has all the tools and features we need. With multiple clients and posts to worry about at one time, we can be confident that we aren’t missing anything. The key is to plan and schedule the posts to ensure you are on track and then insert timely posts as they arise! 

This also lets us ensure we schedule posts for the most optimal times of day without relying on our own watches. It even lists popular holidays as a reminder! 

A Way To Share All Of Our Clients’ Links  

Some of our clients have links they want to get out to their followers. Whether it be a white paper or a listing, we have found that Lnk.Bio and Linktree are great ways to keep the look of a social platform consistent while still sharing this extra information for them.  

A Way To See What Content Truly Makes A Difference  

Have you heard of DashThis? It is one of the apps that every social media manager should consider using. We can track analytics across platforms that give us an inside look at our content consumers’ thoughts. You can create different widgets to answer your or your client’s questions. It considers the differences among platforms to give the inside scoop on what is actually essential. 

The Source That Keeps Inspiration Coming 

Designing ideas for your clients daily can easily lead to creative burnout. One of the best ways to help them is by taking a break and seeking inspiration. One method we love is logging onto Pinterest and spending time decompressing and pining. Even the colors in specific images could be enough to spark an idea that leads to something great. Creative inspiration can come from anywhere, but you may even find your next vision for transforming your work-from-home space here. 

These are our team of social media managers’ tried and true apps. As social media platforms evolve, we have found these helpful ways to keep up. Are you interested in having a team work on your social media platforms for you? Our TargetMarket team is here to help. Check out our website or give us a call to get an in-depth look at what it means to be part of the T(ea)M. 

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