The internet is your oyster for free online resources! Whether it’s free stock images or tips and tricks for blogging, we’ve compiled a list of where to go for anything and everything you need help with. Check out eight of TargetMarket’s favorite free online resources below.


With over 170,000 free downloads, DaFont is your #1 resource for fonts. It’s incredibly easy to search for the perfect font you need! Fonts are categorized alphabetically, by style, and even by holidays.

Image Color Picker

We all know that keeping your colors consistent is incredibly important with branding. But there are thousands of different shades of blue, so which one is the exact shade used in your logo?! With Image Color Picker, you can upload an image, pick the exact color you need, and you’re given the color code!

Capitalize My Title

You may be thinking, “I know what to capitalize!”, but some words can get tricky or get overlooked. Capitalize My Title is handy tool when writing blog posts, newsletters, and more.


Canva is one of our top favorites at TargetMarket! The free graphic-design website helps users make professional graphics for Instagram posts, flyers, Facebook ads, and so much more. There are many different templates that can easily be edited to fit your brand.

Ever feel like you’re using the same vocabulary over and over? Ready to spice things up with captivating captions? is your new best friend! The free online thesaurus provides over 3 million synonyms and antonyms to help improve anything copy-related.


We all make grammar mistakes, and if you’re ever writing a blog post for your business or sending important business emails, Grammarly can be your best friend. This browser extension is great for spell-checking your content to ensure your spelling, grammar, and verbiage is the best it can be.


Unsplash is our favorite free stock photo resource. Anytime we need stock photos for client content, blog post photos, and more, we go straight to Unsplash. The photos have Creative Commons Zero licenses, which means you can use them for free for both personal and commercial use.


And finally, yours truly! We are constantly staying up to date with all of the social media news and updates for you! Our website is updated with new blog posts written by our team, free downloadables, and everything you need to know about what is going on in the social media industry.

To learn more about how we can help your business with your online presence, fill out our free consultation form or call us at (888) 632-4499.

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