We are beginning to see video marketing take over social platforms, and it’s certainly not slowing down in popularity. In fact, it’s gaining momentum more and more each day. One of the main objectives prior to creating a marketing video is analyzing where you need a boost in your marketing funnel. This can help you determine where to focus your energy while creating a new marketing video geared toward your business. Here’s a quick breakdown of the 8 types of marketing videos you can create for your brand–once you’ve identified what step in your marketing funnel needs the biggest boost:

1. Brand Videos help bring your company mission, vision, or products and services to life. The goal of a brand video is to attract your target audience and establish your company as an industry leader.

2. Explainer Videos should tell a story by breaking down a topic or problem for easier comprehension. This type of marketing video should be used at the top of your funnel to help explain concepts in your industry to your target audience. Explainer videos are extremely effective when they are brand-specific for your products and services.

3. Demo Videos should demonstrate how your product or service works by taking viewers through a virtual “tour.” Demo videos can be extremely helpful for the closing step in the Marketing Funnel.

4. How-To Videos should highlight something new to your target audience to help them achieve their goals. This is where you can place your products or services in the limelight to help convert leads who are on the fence about closing.

5. Animated Videos can be a great way to effectively communicate tricky concepts that need visual aids, such as graphics and captions. The visual aids help the information to be properly conveyed to your target audience. That said, stray away from videos that are similar to slideshows — as you’ll have about 3 seconds to hold your viewer’s attention.

6. Case Studies and Testimonial Videos are one of the best ways to build trust with your potential customers. People are more likely to make a purchase decision based on peer review versus an advertisement.  This type of video will be crucial for improving the Closing step in your funnel as well.

7. Live Videos will be able to provide a behind-the-scenes look of your company to your audience. Live videos help enhance trust between your company and your target audience. Interviews, events, and real-time presentations make great material for these marketing videos.

8. Disappearing Videos are a great marketing tactic to attract your audience to your brand. Social platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, provide the necessary tools to create authentic and time-specific campaigns.

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