Amidst the millions of websites out there, you may have wondered how to have your website stand out among all of the competition. With so many different styles of webpages, fonts, and themes, it can be overwhelming to first start building your new website or even to make edits to an existing site. Did you know it takes around 50 milliseconds for users to form an opinion about your website, and decide whether they like your site or lose interest and go to another site? Websites are the first impression a user receives about your company. The website needs to be intuitive, organized, and professional.

  1. Professional Design and Development 

If you want to stand out against competitors in your industry, it is important to invest in professional design and development. Yes, there are shortcuts where you can create a simple template site on your own, but if you want to leave a lasting impression on users investing in a professional team is the best decision. Experts will utilize best practices and represent your brand. Hiring a professional developer will allow for the use of animation and movement throughout the site keeping the user interested in the website. A specialist in the field has years of experience and will construct a clean and intentional website while ensuring all information is legible to the user. Credibility is gained from a professional website. 

  1. User Experience 

It’s important for users to land on your site and within seconds, know how to navigate it. When a site is confusing and unclear, the user becomes frustrated and leaves the site. A negative user experience creates an opportunity for a competitor to seal the deal. According to Statcounter, over 50% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. Ensuring the functionality of websites on mobile devices is of utmost importance when it comes to making your website stand out among the rest. The user should clearly be able to identify the site’s goal based on viewing the call to action multiple times throughout the site. The site’s immediate comprehensibility will allow the user to know what next step they should take. 

  1. Professional Photo and Video 

When a site displays professional imagery, the look and feel of the website are enhanced. Impressive photos and videos can increase the duration of a user’s visit. Users also prefer to view photos of the company rather than stock photos. This allows the user to stay engaged while they are on the website. Show off what makes your company different through the use of pictures and videos. This allows potential customers to envision their experience with the company. 

  1. Relevant Content 

Content can get pushed to the side when considering a new site, but relevant content is an important way to keep users interested. People lose interest in a matter of seconds, so engaging content is a must. Read through the content on your site and determine what information is necessary. Discard unimportant content that’s taking up space on the site. Adding fresh content monthly is important to stay on top of search engine optimization. A great way to do this is to have a website blog and add one to two pieces of content each month. 

  1. Organization

Organization is essential to making your website stand out. An expert in design will have intentionality behind everything on each page. A designer will give each page structure using proper spacing between the sections on the page. The layout of the page has the ability to keep a user on the page because they understand the flow of the page. 

Looking for a marketing company to help your website stand out? Contact TargetMarket today, and we can provide you with a professional, structured, and engaging website, or elevate your current website. We look forward to hearing about your goals and bringing your vision to life.

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