Many companies are adapting to the safety issues and health of their customers, employees, and business. As closures, take out, curbside pickup, and relief planning have been changing by the hour, there are certain measures people are taking to keep business up and running and under control. Let’s take a look at what businesses are doing right during COVID-19. 

For Customers

Keeping your customers informed will help ease any anxieties they might have. While businesses are now practicing social distance, this is not the time to cut off communication.

Here are some ways businesses are successfully assisting their customers: 

  • Businesses such as Publix are customizing shopping hours for seniors
  • Stores are closing early to sanitize and restock items 
  • Most restaurants are open for pick up and to go – For a list of open restaurants offering pick up and delivery in the Lowcountry click here
  • Uber Eats is providing free delivery service
  • Businesses, such as Nordstrom are switching up their ecommerce strategy by highlighting comfortable clothes for home, while others are offering free shipping or special discounts for shopping
  • Others are turning to Skype, Zoom or other video options to deliver online classes, fitness coaching, and tutorials

For Employees

Check-in with your employees at home to see if they have any symptoms or have been feeling under the weather since leaving your place of business. Some companies are compensating their employees so they can keep focusing on the things that matter most – their health and family.

Here are some ways businesses are successfully assisting their employees: 

  • Offering work from home options for their employees, dispensing laptops and other items needed to continue business as usual from home
  • Employers that can’t offer work from home options are temporarily laying off employees so they can collect unemployment benefits while taking care of their families at home 
  • Cutting back hours or moving to appointment only or curbside pickup to distance their employees from any potential risk 
  • Having their employees switch gears to work on other projects during this time 
  • Paying their employees a bonus for working during this time

For Business

Although you might be taking a break from working, this isn’t a time to take a break on your brand. Now, more than ever it’s important to keep your online relationships and open lines of communication on social media. 

Here are some ways businesses are using social media successfully to keep their business top of mind: 

  • Updating their followers on precautions they are taking to safeguard their customers and employees. Your followers will be interested in what you’re doing and how you’re working through the challenges related to COVID-19
  • Keeping their customers updated on their business hours of operation and any closures. Keep your followers posted on hours of operation or any difference of operations, such as curbside pickup or drive-thru, appointment only options
  • Providing comedic relief, entertaining or meaningful messages to their followers on social media through fun or uplifting content that promotes good vibes, laughter and a feeling of togetherness when everyone needs it the most

During this time, we are here to keep your businesses growing and moving. Each business is unique in the challenges you might be facing. TargetMarket is taking action to help. Let’s connect and learn from each other by sharing what protocols your business is taking during COVID-19. For more helpful marketing tips and COVID-19 updates head over to our social media pages and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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