#WebWeds: Why Pinterest Marketing Is Still a Thing

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Lately, it seems like all we hear about are updates on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. However, that doesn’t mean that other platforms like Pinterest should be ignored. In fact, Pinterest is still an incredibly strong social media platform to incorporate into your digital marketing strategy, and here are three reasons why.

1. People are on Pinterest to buy.

More than half of all Pinterest users surf the site to find products they’re interested in, where only 12% do so on Facebook and Instagram. To strengthen this point even more, 87% of all pinners have bought something they’ve seen on Pinterest (including myself, many times!), and 93% of all pinner plan to in the future.

If you sell products online, you should absolutely be using all of the features Pinterest has to offer, especially because the platform is only going to grow as an ecommerce platform. Pinterest is essentially a search engine for products and boasts over 2 billion searches per month.

2. Pinterest is innovative.

It wasn’t too long ago when Facebook was making so many changes and its users were constantly complaining (remember when they slowly switched user after user over to the new timeline look?). The truth is that social media sites (and really any business) must constantly evolve in order to stay current, and Pinterest is no different.

Its most recent new release is the Pinterest Lens. This new feature is currently in beta, but is available for all users with an updated Pinterest app and compatible smartphone to use. Users are able to use the camera in the app to take a photo of something around them and find related pins and products.

For example, you could use Lens to take a photo of your statement piece in your living room to find compatible home decor options. You could also find an item in your pantry and use Lens to help you find recipes that use it as an ingredient.

Another awesome feature is Pinterest’s “Shop the Look” which allows you to buy products seen inside fashion or home decor pins with the touch of a button. Literally.

Pinterest also has an incredible artificial intelligence deep learning system called Pin2Vec that studies user activities in order to serve the most relevant pins to them. This allows Pinterest to become even smarter about what its users are looking for and provide in-depth insights to brands about user data.

3. Pinterest is more than weddings and fashion.

Since its inception, people have always considered Pinterest to be more for people planning their weddings, looking up recipes, or finding fashion inspo. However, we’re seeing some “non traditional” brands kill it in Pinterest, including pharmaceutical companies, certain types of professional services, and businesses in the medical/health field.

Really any industry that includes women as a large part of its customer base has good reason to consider Pinterest for its digital strategy, as 44% of online women use the platform versus 16% of online men. That doesn’t mean that men aren’t on the platform, though: one-third of all Pinterest signups are men.

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