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We start all of our new clients the same way: with a digital strategy. This in-depth analysis shows clients a lot about the state of marketing right now for their particular business, and one section of it covers the competition.

This is because it’s important to know your competition and keep a slight eye on them. However, you don’t want to obsess over the competition like you want to obsess over your customers.

Putting your customers front and center at all of your business decisions is the best way to see success in your business? Don’t trust us? Take a look at retail giant Amazon and their long-term success because of their obsession with their customers. They don’t necessarily sell better products than the competition, but they’ve created an incredibly convenient customer experience, and that is a huge selling point.

Want to know how to implement this type of customer-centric strategy into your own business? Give your customers a reason to return. This is something we really value at TargetMarket: you want to really dig into your customer’s mindset to determine what it is that keeps them coming back to a business. Focus on what your customer wants and not what your competition is doing.

Here’s an example of a big mistake in a customer-centric strategy that we see all of the time: you take a look at your customer data and you see that in-store purchases bring in more revenue than online purchases. However, you have a competitor in your industry that is online only, and you want to try to outdo them in their online sales.


Online is their specialty. Your customers obviously prefer in-store. This does not mean to completely ignore your online sales. That’s an entire revenue stream that you want to continue to bring in. However, you should be more focused on consistently improving your customer’s in-store shopping experience to get them coming back again and again.

Listen to your customers first, and don’t stress too much about what the competition is doing. Your customers are the most important voice in the marketplace. If you’re not sure how to improve your digital strategy so your customers are at the center, fill out our free consultation form, and we’d be happy to help.

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