#WebWeds: Planning Your 2017 Marketing Now
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As the holidays wind down and business slows, it’s a great idea to use this time to revisit your marketing plan and look ahead to the new year. Where do you want to take your business and what is trending for 2017?

First off, a few upcoming social media trends include augmented reality, video, live-streaming, and more precise targeting in social advertising. We’ve got a few other tips to guide your 2017 marketing plan.


When revisiting your website, you want to get a few different devices and your analytics in front of you. Your website is your company’s online home base, so it’s important that it’s working correctly across the board, and is consistently bringing new customers to your business.


Are you blogging for your business? If not, maybe that’s something you want to start working on in 2017. If you already have a blog on your website, determine which posts brought in the most traffic, and start planning ahead for the next year. What can you do to replicate the results of your most popular blog post?

Social Media

Take some time to conduct an audit of your social media accounts. Pay attention to new social media updates and information that you can now add to your business presence online. Is your branding completed? Are you using social media platforms that aren’t really working for you, or is there a new platform that you need to take advantage of?

Email Marketing

How are you growing your email list? Take a look at its growth throughout the last year and brainstorm ways that you can increase its growth in 2017. Look at your most recent email newsletters or campaigns. If you haven’t sent any, come up with ideas for content to send to your email contacts.

Grab our full 2017 Marketing Checklist below:

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