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The growth of videos posted on various social media platforms is increasing, but how do you know if the video you post will be successful? Posting videos is becoming more popular because it is more personal. Compared to a picture, video viewers can connect more because that form of media displays more emotion than a picture. The human element of social media videos gives the viewers something to identify with.

A video is more interactive because you can watch it! But how do you know how many people are watching? Facebook video key metrics include the “view through rate” feature which lists how many people your video reaches and it also states how many people watched it for at least three seconds. Knowing this information can give your insight to the popularity of your video post.

If viewers watch your video longer than three seconds, it proves they emotionally connect right away and are interested in the video. The more people that watch longer, the more successful your video is. Another way to determine video success is if the video post receives a large number of likes, comments and shares. These features also give another way to engage with your audience.

Did you know that your video will only reach around 9% of your Facebook friends/followers? That means only 900 out of 10,000 people will see it. So, if the 900 people like it, it will grow in popularity to the rest of the 10,000 and beyond.

Remember to keep it short and sweet! If your video is 90 seconds or more the engagement will suffer. Humans do not have as long of an attention span as you may think.

On the Facebook timeline, the videos are muted unless clicked unmuted by the viewer, so add captions to engage your audience to unmute the video and experience it the way it was intended.

Which metrics should you be paying the most attention to?

1. View Through Rate: how many people viewed your video for 3+ seconds
2. 10 Second Video Views: is your audience sticking around on your video?
3. Video Engagement: how many people liked your video enough to interact with it in some way?
4. Video Average Watch Time: aim to get this to 15+ seconds
5. Video Length: look for correlations between video length and how long your audience is watching.

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