#WebWeds: Connect With Customers Via Word of Mouth Marketing

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When was the last time you saw a brand post something on social media that impacted you so much that you had to send it to a friend or tag someone in a comment so they could see it also? When businesses really work to relate their social media content to their customers, that’s when they are able to reap the benefits of word of mouth marketing.

Word of mouth marketing is an extremely strong marketing strategy because nothing is more valuable than a recommendation from a friend. Here are four ways to maximize your word of mouth marketing potential.

1. Be interesting.

Make sure your content is interesting to your audience. Research has shown that Facebook users are more likely to share content that educates their network, makes them look good, and reinforces a certain image of themselves. So you want to make sure your brand is tapping into these behavioral trends to benefit your online message.

2. Create an association.

Tie your brand into something that your audience already does or uses in their daily routine. If people remember you through that association they’ll continue to talk about you.

3. Provide value.

At TMC, we value customer service and want to ensure that each of your clients/customers has a positive experience with your brand (even if they leave a bad review online). Those great experiences, along with having a great product will help increase your value, as well as your word of mouth potential.

4. Create emotion.

This goes hand in hand with creating value. People are more likely to share experiences they had some sort of emotion towards. Think about Yelp Reviews – they are either one extreme or the other – hardly ever does someone take the time or effort to talk about their experience if it was average.

Word of mouth marketing is a very powerful tool when trying to spread awareness of your brand, especially now that users are communicating faster and more broadly than ever. If you want to learn more about how we can create content that gets your customers talking, fill out our free consultation form or call us at (800) 759-7996.

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