If you’re looking for creative ways to interact with your audience, Instagram Story Stickers are a great addition to your marketing plan. Below you’ll learn how to incorporate some of our favorite Instagram Stickers to create useful and engaging Story content.

Where to Find Your Instagram Story Stickers

The most commonly available stickers are Location, Clock, Date, Hashtag, Temperature, Mention, Poll, Question, GIF, Slider, and Music. Are you wondering where and how to find these?

Once you’ve signed into Instagram, you’ll start by clicking your own profile photo. Next, record a video, take a photo, or choose an image from your library, and swipe up. Here you will see plenty of Instagram stickers to make your post more captivating.

After selecting your stickers, such as the #Hashtag, Location, or @Mention, you have the option to edit the color of your text or style by repeatedly tapping through. You can pinch the sticker once you’ve added it to your story to increase or decrease its size. You can also tap and drag it around the frame to change its position.

Now that we’ve located all of your options, let’s take a look at how to use the most popular stickers to create some fun and engaging Instagram Stories for your audience.

Location and Hashtag Stickers

Once you’ve opened the sticker section you have the ability to add a location and/or hashtag to provide more information for your followers. After you click location, start typing in where you are, geographically.

When a viewer sees your Story, they’re able to tap the location sticker to see other photos and Stories around the same area. Adding a hashtag sticker has the same concept. When searching for that hashtag, your Story will appear. With a location and hashtag sticker, you have the ability to reach thousands of users in your region, with similar interests, or within your industry.

Gather Input from Your Audience with a Question or Poll

Gathering feedback directly from your followers is the best way to learn about your audience and their interests. The poll sticker and question sticker give you the ability to do so. To create a poll, click the “poll” sticker and type your question. Drag to position your sticker on top of your image. When watching your own story, you can collect your data for how many views you’ve received and your audience’s feedback.

Mention Another Account in Your Story

When it comes to social media marketing, relationships and communication are key. It’s always great to interact with other people and businesses by thanking or acknowledging them with a tag.

In addition to sending a Story to a particular person or business, you are also able to give them a shout out in the video or photo itself. To mention an account in an Instagram Story start typing the @ symbol and the first few letters to tag. Scroll down to search for the correct account and select. Once your Story is posted, the account you’ve tagged will receive a notification.

The Music Sticker

Adding music to your Story is simple and adds that little bit of extra flavor to your brand. After swiping up to your sticker library, chose the icon named “music” to add to your content. You will be directed to a list of songs by the thousands from the Top 40, to what mood, or genre you are in search of. Once you’ve selected a song, you can choose what part of the song you want to play in your Story. These 15-second clips are usable over your photos and videos.

The Emoji Slider

Another way to impress your followers is by incorporating an interactive emoji slider. The emoji slider gives you the ability to find out how your viewers feel about something. Simply swipe up after adding your photo or video and choose the slider with the tiny heart eyes emoji. Type in your question and choose an emoji that pairs. For example, how helpful was this blog?

Instagram releases unique Story options often, so remember to check your stickers every day! Need help creating engaging content for your business? We can help. Contact TargetMarket today to learn how we can develop and refine your online presence. Fill out our free consultation form or give us a call at (888) 632-4499.

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