It’s clear that content is a crucial part of any digital marketing plan. But even the best of us hit roadblocks when planning and creating new content. Fresh topics and keywords can become elusive after a while. If you feel like your well of ideas has run dry, it’s time to consider repurposing content.

Why Should You Repurpose Content?

You might be thinking that reusing content is a bad idea. Repeat content on a site is frowned upon and you don’t want to bore your audience. Those are valid points, but repurposing is more than copying and pasting the same content all over your website or social media profile. 

Repurposing is about using the resources you already have in new ways. Recycling existing content can make it go further and reach more people. 

Repurposing content in the right way can:

  • Streamline content planning and creation: Work smarter not harder by reusing topics and keywords rather than digging for new ones.
  • Boost SEO: Having several pieces of content centered on the same topics can help you target keywords. Using that content on other platforms also creates opportunities for linking back to your site.
  • Get your content in front of new audiences: The same content in different formats will net more viewers.
  • Establish yourself as an authority: Posting multiple types of content on one topic on different platforms will increase your visibility and give you authority.
  • Reinforce and repeat your message: The more someone sees your content, the more likely they are to purchase your products or services.

Ways to Repurpose Content

Once you’ve found the right content, it’s time to decide how to reuse it. From tweaks and updates to complete format changes, there’s a multitude of ways to recycle quality content.

Update and Republish

Finding content to update and republish might be the most straightforward way of repurposing content. When auditing your existing content, you might have found pieces that are still relevant aside from a few details that need updating. That’s the perfect place to start. Make the necessary edits and republish it with the current date.

Create White Papers or Ebooks

If you have a lot of quality content about one topic, you can use that content to create a white paper or an ebook. These longer pieces of content can then be used as lead generation tools if you offer a free download in exchange for a potential customer’s contact information.

Expand on Existing Content

You may have content that only touches the broad strokes of a topic. Find points that you can expand to create several new individual posts. Now you have a handful of ideas for new content pieces and you can dive deeper into the details.

Summarize Content

Expanding on content is great, but you can also go the other way and find several pieces of content with a common topic and summarize them in a single blog post or listicle. Having a “big picture” post with internal links to the more in-depth posts will also aid in your SEO efforts. 

Pull from Longer Pieces for Social Media Posts

Looking for material for quality social media posts?  Pull snippets from longer pieces of content for Facebook posts and then link back to the source content. Not only does that help you fill out your social media posting schedule, but it will also direct traffic back to your site. You can also pull data or key takeaways and create graphics for Instagram or Pinterest.

Record Webinars for Video Posts

If you’re already hosting webinars but aren’t recording them for future use, you’re missing a big opportunity to repurpose that content. By recording a webinar, you have material for videos that can be added to your website or posted to YouTube and reach a much larger audience.

Turn Written Content into Podcasts

Repurposing content as a podcast is another great way to reach a new audience. It might sound like a big undertaking to start a podcast, but it doesn’t have to be. Choose a strong piece of written content and record it in audio format. It can be that simple. You can find tips on starting a podcast from a lot of reputable sources online, like this guide to podcasting for beginners by Buffer.

Recycle Presentation Decks and Slideshows

Presentation decks and branded slideshows can take a lot of time and effort to create, so make sure you are getting the most use out of them as possible. You can upload the entire presentation to sites like SlideShare.

Need a Hand?

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed by creating content or managing other parts of digital marketing, TagetMarket can help. Get in touch to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

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