The 411 on the New Facebook Post Options

When signing into your Facebook business page, you might notice things are looking a little different these days. Have you been wondering how to use these new Facebook post options? These new templates are helping Page Admins to connect with their customers in a more effective way. While a couple of these aren’t as “new”, they have been revamped and are more successful than ever. These Call-To-Action posts are getting the job done, and providing the results we like to see. We’ll take a look at each function, so you’re ready for your test drive:

The 411 on the New Facebook Post Options

Post Option 1: Share a photo or video

If you’ve posted in Facebook before than this will the most familiar. When clicking you’ll be provided with the Facebook “5 Pack”.

  • Upload photos/video- upload the photo you’d like affiliated with your post.
  • Create a photo album- these categories will depend on your industry and is similar to organizing your Pinterest boards. This allows for uploading multiple photos and organizing them into album categories with the ability to caption each image. However, be careful of what you choose, as these will all be added into your newsfeed.
  • Create a photo carousel- instead of uploading a photo, you input an external website’s URL. The images from the site will be automatically presented in a “carousel” order. You may also upload additional images that can be edited and easily sequenced.
  • Create a slideshow- gives the ability to display 10 photos with music to create a cinematic experience.
  • Create a canvas- this post option is used for paid ads and gives a full-screen experience when people click on your ad.  

Post Option 2: Advertise your business

This option really simplifies the process of creating a Facebook ad. Choose a specific goal for advertising your business page and you’ll be walked through step-by-step.

Post Option 3: Get phone calls

This is the most simple and direct Call-To-Action post. Just click and a window will pop up with your automated information, images and a call now button, that’s inherited from your Facebook page.

Post Option 4: Get messages

This “Get Message” option communicates directly Page Admins. This post options can work really well for customers to reach you directly with questions, instead of posting to your page. If you are encouraging interaction with this type of post be sure to be prompt in responding to any messages.

Post Option 5: Help people find your business

Due to the fact that Facebook doesn’t own a mapping property, this post will bounce you over to a 3rd-party called Once directed you can then enter your physical address associated with your business page. Are people having a hard time finding your business? Try pinning this at the top of your news feed. This post option user-friendly and great for a new business or hard to find property!

Post Option 6: Create an event

Events have been a part of Facebook for some time now, but this option is a little more organized than before. The event post now contains helpful information about size and aspect ratios for your image. Unless changed, this will automatically pull your Facebook cover image.

Post Option 7: Create an offer

Another new post type is the “Create an Offer” option. This opens the door for many businesses, whether online or at a physical address. In the first step, you’ll enter the URL of where your offer can be redeemed. In the second step, you’ll enter the way your customer can redeem the offer at the time of sale. Some examples to try are:

  • Buy one, get one
  • Free consultation
  • Free stuff
  • Amount off
  • Percent off

Post Option 8: Publish a job post

Looking to advertise an open position? Click on “Publish a Job” and enter the relevant details. Be sure to double check your location, upload a photo, and publish! Page Admins will be able to review applications and message directly through Facebook messenger. While posting a job is free, boosting your job advertisement gives you the ability to target a specific demographic.

Post Option 9: Write a note

Although it seems similar, Facebook’s “Write a Note” is quite different than it’s “Get Message” post. This post allows you to design a blog post layout, using a header image, title and a subheading. Don’t have a blog on your website? This is a great option for you to explore.

Post Option 10: Start a live video

What’s on your mind? Let your audience know with live video. To go live on a desktop, you need to turn on your camera and microphone. This will let people see and hear you during the broadcast. Want to send out a successful way for your audience to enter into your product giveaway? Ask people to like your brand on Facebook, to be entered, that way they can be notified of your next live broadcast!

“Facebook is clearly hoping that a great number of marketers will – after playing with these new post types – decide that their creative efforts are worth boosting.”

In our opinion, these options are positively useful for marketers and are worth testing out. Remember, while these post options will look very appealing, some might only be seen by a small fraction of your audience. Facebook’s ultimate goal is to lead you in the direction of paid advertising. If you create a successful post option, such as promoting a discounted product, you might find yourself in the category to spend a couple bucks. Testing out these offers will give you an inside look into what your audience is hungry for. What’s your favorite post option?

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