Spring Cleaning Your Social Media Presence

As Winter rears its last plea, we finally see sunshine on the horizon and in the forecast. Spring is coming soon! We will start to see the breath of new life with flowers budding and grass turning a beautiful shade of green. Spring is synonymous with rebirth and renewal, which explains why it’s a good month to start over or refresh. Most only think of spring cleaning as cleaning your living space, but you can also get in the spring spirit by giving your business a fresh start this spring by updating your social media pages.

Do a sweep of your online presence.

Google your business to monitor your presence and make sure you have claimed your business on sites such as yelp and Google my business. If you’re business has been mentioned, add this to your social content and thank the source for referencing your business. We do recommend checking up on your business at least once a month, but a March refresh is a good place to start.

Update cover photos.

This is the easiest way to give your social pages a new look. Update your photo to reflect the season in your area or change your photo to show another aspect of your business. Remember to keep it optimized by adding in a caption along with the photo.

Update your “about” section.

Log into all social profiles and do a quick sweep of your about section. If you have added in any new services or products, you can mention those here.

Update graphics and repurpose content.

You can repurpose customer reviews or quotes that relate to your industry by creating a custom graphic template with your logo and brand colors. These help to further increase your reach and look great on your social profiles. Tip: these also translate well on multiple platforms, like Instagram.

Updated features.

Take a look behind the scenes at the admin section of your social profiles and familiarize yourself with any changes or updates. Take advantage of new features to even further build your presence online. Facebook often adds in additional features for businesses, so take advantage of these if they are applicable to your business.

In addition to social content, a website refresh is also recommended to make sure your site it up to date. Add in a new fresh look by changing out photography, updating graphics, and re-working copy. If you have frequent website visitors, this will help to enhance their user experience and give your website a new modern look.

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