What if this year you smashed every fundraising goal?

We help growing nonprofits get unstuck with digital marketing that keeps support, donations and mission awareness on the up.

I want to smash my fundraising goals

Have you outgrown your fundraising strategy?

Every nonprofit eventually hits a ceiling. A point where the old faithful sources—local events, community goodwill, family donations—are no longer enough.

To keep impacting lives and spreading your cause, they need to make the leap to digital marketing.

See what happened to Lowcountry Autism
Foundation after 6 months of marketing →


We didn’t really know where to start.

Many nonprofits try to grow by hiring a team of one. A marketer with passion and knowledge and big ideas.
But it doesn’t work. The problem isn’t a lack of effort or ambition…

The problem is scale.

Do any of these sound familiar?

“Our Google Ads Grant keeps getting rejected… none of us know why.

“I need Facebook ads help. I changed the demographics and pricing… but the ad has no reach or engagement.

“I’ve been told to create a marketing plan and I’m looking for a place to start.

“We know social media is great for our program and donors, but we can’t find the time to make it happen.

Marketing is much bigger than a few ads and TikTok videos

It’s creating the community of donors and partners that keep your mission possible.

For organizations with $1+ million annual income, growth typically means:

  • Finding viable pools of new supporters
  • Catching attention with mission-based ads
  • Sharing meaningful content on social media
  • Raising awareness through emails campaigns
  • Building a website that makes donating easy & desirable
  • Having branding that supports your mission & goals
  • SEO that brings donors to your door—for free, forever
  • Reporting so you can show the board exactly what’s happening every month
What it means to work with

We create a step-by-step strategy that’s tailored to your specific goals and mission.


We optimize every channel using real expertise (10+ years) in each marketing discipline.


We manage the whole process with a laser-focus on your goals and creating growth.

So if you want marketing that feels more like THIS

Using TargetMarket was the best decision we’ve made as a company.

Firstname Lastname Owner
Company Namehere

TargetMarket helped us increase sales by over 40% from the first month.

Margaret Cabell Chief Sales & Marketing
Harmony Senior Services

Nick’s team kept me from wasting money on other advertising. That alone paid their fee many times over.

Brian Solari Owner

Then let’s turn your marketing into
something you can boast about

Our nonprofit clients now enjoy the growth and impact they always believed was possible.
They just couldn’t do it alone. They all took the same first step: a chat with our CEO, Nick.
If you’re curious what your future could look like—a future where marketing is a superpower, not a weakness—then let’s talk.