Today marks the start of the second half of the year. It’s also the perfect time to do a quick audit of your digital presence to make sure your website, online profiles and social media accounts are up to date. 

Not sure where to start? Here’s a helpful checklist to guide you: 

1. Audit Your Website 

Has a new provider joined your practice? Did you recently start offering a new service for your patients? Have you changed your office hours? When is the last time you reviewed your privacy policy or patient forms? Since your website is your online home base, it’s important to make sure your information is current and accurate. At a minimum, we suggest taking a look at this information quarterly. Remember, Google and other search engines rank pages that are updated regularly higher in their search results. 

2. Claim Pages

Google your business to monitor your presence, or better yet, set an alert to help notify you when your name and/or practice are mentioned online. Make sure you have claimed your business on sites such as Yelp and Google My Business, as well as physician-specific review sites like Vitals. Claiming these profiles are essential to monitoring your online reputation.

3. Check for Consistency

If you are on multiple social media platforms, we suggest using the same profile image and username/account handle to make it easier for current and prospective patients to find you. While you’re at it, do a quick sweep of your about section, office hours and contact information.

4. Update Your Cover Photos

Since we recommend keeping your business profile image the same, updating your cover photo is the easiest way to give your social pages a new look. You can update your photo to reflect the season or to show a particular aspect of your practice that you’d like to emphasize.

Keep in mind some social platforms, like Facebook, use different image dimensions for desktop and mobile devices. Be sure to take a look at your profile from both to make sure your image isn’t cut off or stretched. 

5. Review Your Goals

Mid-year is the perfect time to review your marketing and overall business goals. The same goals that you had on Jan. 1 may be different than your goals today. Do you want to attract new patients to a particular location? Or ramp up your social media presence to drive more traffic to your website? How about optimizing your website to improve your search engine ranking? If needed, make adjustments to your current strategy and allocate the appropriate resources so you can finish the year out strong. 

Managing your online presence is a full-time job. And with how quickly things can change online, you may want to consider outsourcing some of the tasks mentioned above. From your website and social media to your overall online reputation, the digital marketing experts at TargetMarket can help. 

Request a free consultation and learn more about how we can help you stand out in today’s competitive healthcare market.

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