Mid-Year Check-In: Reevaluating Your Business Goals

We talked about creating and achieving your social media goals at the beginning of the year. Fast forward to now, and it’s somehow already July and the year is half over! So it’s the perfect time to take a look back at the goals you made for your business at the beginning of the year, and reevaluate your progress and what needs to be done to meet those goals by the end of the year.

Follow these guidelines to get started reevaluating your business goals, and download our Mid-Year Goal Check-In guide at the bottom to help you out.

1. List all of your 2017 business or social media goals.

Take a look back at the goals you made for this year and write them all down at the top of your goal check-in guide. Although you may have come up with other ways to keep your goals front and center during the first half of the year, writing them down and looking at them face-to-face is a great way to be reminded of all that you’re working to accomplish.

2. Write down your progress.

The best way to make goals for your business is to create tangible goals that you can really see yourself completing. For example, make $X in sales this year. For this goal, you’re able to take a look at how much you’ve made in sales so far in 2017 and fill in the progress bar in your goal check-in guide. If you have more of an abstract goal, you can estimate how much progress you’ve made, or make a note about how you’re feeling about your progress for that goal in the notes section at the end of your guide.

3. Note your areas of improvement.

Taking a look at your progress bars, are there already goals that you can tell you need to work more on? Write down these goals under the Improve section of your goal check-in guide so that you know to pay more attention to them throughout the remainder of the year. Even if you’re doing exceptionally well on other goals, you want to give each one the proper attention so that you can call 2017 a business win. Also note any goals that you’ve already accomplished, or have nearly finished.

4. Make a plan of action for the rest of the year.

What do you need to do for the rest of the year to accomplish all of your goals? Do you need to increase sales? Do you need to create more digital content for your marketing? Think about what has been holding you back so far this year and what you can do to overcome those obstacles throughout the remainder of the year. Don’t let your 2017 goals fall to the wayside. Instead, put together a marketing plan for the second half of 2017 and get it done.

Just because you might not be quite at 50% with all of your goals doesn’t mean that you’re failing. Reevaluating your business goals is the perfect way to put them back in the front of your mind and help you accomplish them. It might also help you realize that a few of them are unrealistic or that your business priorities have changed. Make any changes you need to in order to finish 2017 with a bang.

Download your Mid-Year Goal Check-In guide below:

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