James is a Tennessee native who moved to Charleston in 2018 to join the TargetMarket team. He went to the University of Tennessee. During his time in school, he helped his father grow a printing company from the ground up, learning the ins and outs of design and production. Primarily focusing on screen printing apparel and then transitioning into embroidery and vinyl.

James is known for being a jack of all trades, having been raised under the mentality of “we can probably do that ourselves.”

Starting at TargetMarket, he began primarily creating trade show graphics and, with time, has expanded his capabilities to handle almost all aspects of traditional print. You’ll often find him wrapping a vehicle at our Summerville print warehouse.

Outside of work, James enjoys spending time with his wife and one-year-old son Oliver, working on a remodeling project, reading, playing the occasional round of valorant, or cooking with his masterchef wife.

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