Live Social Video Takes Us to New Heights

Social video platforms are the newest social media craze with apps such as Snapchat and Periscope taking the lead. Facebook has since caught on by launching their Facebook livestream feature. These platforms are a good marketing avenue for businesses to take notice of and really get online to showcase behind the scene footage. These types of platforms are great for events and showcasing personalities behind the brand.

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What’s even better about these platforms is that they can take us anywhere. For example: If you are a local Charleston restaurant owner and are using Periscope to livestream your Chef preparing a new specialty item, chances are you are reaching people all over the world. Perhaps you are reaching a tourist who is planning on visiting and they are using Periscope to tap into Charleston events. Thanks to live-streaming, you just became a stop on their itinerary.

In more recent news, we’ve seen hikers live-streaming on Mt. Everest to show the extreme conditions other hikers might face on the mountain. This certainly opens up the idea of how brands could tap into their customers hobbies by showcasing their products in action or live-streaming an activity or place of interest. Just with any content that is displayed on your business’ social media sites, the live-streaming videos should be relevant to the brand and relevant to your audience.

In today’s social landscape, videos are the most consumed form of content. Snapchat alone has 10 billion daily video views and Periscope isn’t far behind with 200 million broadcasts in its first year alone. Clearly these numbers will continue to spike as people are more connected than ever. Last year in the US, mobile data use more than doubled in one year’s time. Mobile use is clearly on the rise, with 64% of Americans owning a smartphone device. With people using their mobile device as their number one source for media, social video is clearly the next step for brands looking to up their online presence.

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