Increased traffic to your website is next to pointless if visitors aren’t being converted into leads.

It’s not realistic to expect that every visitor will buy your product, schedule an appointment or request more information the first time they visit your site. The average sale requires around eight touchpoints with the brand before a potential buyer converts into a customer.

But, to grow your business, it’s important to find a way to turn them into leads that you can continue to nurture.

Getting people to share their personal information isn’t always easy, but lead magnets are one of the most effective methods.

These days, getting a new lead can be difficult since many people are reluctant to share their personal information. However, it can be efficiently done with lead magnets.

What is a Lead Magnet?

By definition, a lead magnet is a marketing tool used by businesses to incentivize website visitors in exchange for their email addresses or other primary contact information.

This incentive is typically offered without cost and is usually in the form of downloadable content such as a checklist, template, e-book, cheat sheet or white paper. They take shape in many different forms, documents and templates but their conversion rates are invaluable.

Lead magnets don’t have to be pages and pages long for your potential client to find them useful.

The key is that your potential customer finds the resource useful, not overwhelming, in hopes that they will convert to becoming an actual customer.

Types of Lead Magnets

We’ve put together a list of our favorite types of lead magnets to use, many of which can be created with materials that you already have.

Guides or Cheat Sheets

These one or two-page documents cover a specific topic with instructions, tips, how-to guides or step-by-step examples for the prospect to follow.

Here’s a great example:

The Modern Connection Lead Magnet Example

It’s a simple call-to-action that just asks for the prospect’s name and email address. In return, they will get a useful branding cheat sheet! It’s a win-win.


If a potential client is looking into your business and trying to figure out how you can help them, providing them with a resource is a great way to build trust. These resources can be as simple as a glossary of terms used in your industry, or a template to help get them started with your service or product.


The checklist is a consumer favorite. Who doesn’t like being able to check off their accomplishments? This is a simple one to create as well. Formulate a series of bullet points into an actionable checklist for the prospect to run through and complete.

Free Trials

Free trials are excellent lead magnets for brands with apps, software or online programs. By giving prospects a (free) glimpse into working with your product, they are likely to continue with you if the product seems like a good fit for them. This way, you’re that much closer to a conversion.


If you can’t offer up a free trial with your products or services, offering a promotion somewhere else is an option.

Many medium to large retail websites have some type of promotional code on their website in exchange for your contact information. Want free shipping? We’ll send a promo code to your email! Want 20% off your first order? We’ll send your discount code to your email!

Promotion lead magnets a great way to entice and convert consumers with their first purchase without sacrificing too much on your end. You just have to find the offer that is right for you.

Lead Magnet Must-Haves

It really doesn’t matter what form of offer your business chooses, as long as it provides value to your target audience. When brainstorming lead magnet ideas, ask the following questions:

  1. Does it solve a real problem your target audience faces?
  2. Does it promise a quick solution?
  3. Does it provide specific information?
  4. Can it be understood quickly?
  5. Is it informational?
  6. Is it high-value?
  7. Is it instantly accessible?
  8. Does it show your expertise in your field?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, you have the makings of a successful lead magnet.

Get Started

There are so many different types of lead magnets, all of which can be fine-tuned and tailored to your brand. Have an idea for your business but you’re just not quite sure how to make it happen? That’s where we come in. Fill out our free consultation form to get started!

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