Keeping Your Kids Safe on Social Media

Our Director of Content Marketing, Jenn Steere, sat down with Live 5 News this week to discuss ways that parents can look out for their children’s safety in this digital age. At an age where children are looking for an adult figure to look up to, many perpetrators take advantage of the vulnerability. | Charleston, SC | News, Weather, Sports

The story about the rise of child sex abuse cases online starts at 17:13 in the above video.

Jenn recommends that all parents require their children’s social media login and password information. Many teenagers and young adults are reluctant to hand over that information, as it seems like an invasion of privacy. However, many perpetrators use social media to find their victims, and it’s important for parents to be aware of the people their children are having conversations with online.

We also recommend that your children keep all social media accounts private and communicate only with their friends and other people that they know in person. Make sure your children understand the dangers that can be associated with starting online-only relationships.

Watch the news story above, and read our 10 social media safety commandments.

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