Instagram Stories are a great place to instantly wow your audience and show off your brand’s personality. With new features being added daily, there are simple hacks right at your fingertips to create more visually appealing stories. These will not only impress your followers but also help your overall brand’s image. Here are six tips to help you design beautiful Instagram Stories your followers will love!

Stay within the given parameters:

First and foremost, do not go beyond the lines that appear in your stories. These are here to help you determine where the center is and where the reply box will be once the story is published. You don’t want to go beyond these lines because then the text, emojis, etc. will be hidden by the “Send Message” call to action and your account name.

Get creative with your text:

Instagram offers 5 different text options to use, so use them! I personally like the way the classic text looks when it’s spaced out (as pictured below) and paired with the neon cursive text. To create a line as pictured in the second example, use multiple underscores (____). However, I wouldn’t suggest using more than two different fonts in one story. Pick a font that best represents your brand and keep it consistent throughout your stories.

Instagram Story Design Hacks Your Followers Will Love

Create a drop shadow effect to your text:

Simply write out your message and type the exact same message again in a different color. Arrange the two on top of each other to where they are slightly off center, thus creating a shadow effect.

Instagram Story Design Hacks Your Followers Will Love

Create rainbow or ombré text:

This is a great way to grab someone’s attention but may take some practice to get it just right. Highlight all of your text and simultaneously drag your fingers (this will take two fingers!) across the selected text and color wheel. Slowly go letter by letter until you’ve achieved this effect. Watch our how-to rainbow text and ombré text videos below.

Stick to colors that match:

In all of these examples, you’ll see that I did not stray away from the white, yellow, and brown color scheme that matches the image of the coffee cup. Consistency is key with brands and helps your viewers easily recognize your content.

Create solid backgrounds:

This is very easy and useful! If you want a solid background, select the desired color, use the first marker tool at the top of the screen (circled), and press and hold until the screen changes color. For a transparent overlay, repeat the steps but using the second marker tool.

Instagram Story Design Hacks Your Followers Will Love

As you can see, you don’t need to be a graphic designer to create pretty stories. It just takes a bit of creativity and trial and error to find what’s right for your account. Ready to learn even more for your Stories? Contact TargetMarket today at (888) 632-4499 to learn how we can help up your Instagram Story game.

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