How to Stay Relevant with Email Marketing

There tends to be the ongoing debate in the marketing world on whether sending out email as means of communication is effective for reaching your client base. The answer is, yes. With over 200 million emails being sent out every minute of every day — email is an extremely effective way to market your business, and it isn’t going out of style anytime soon.

How Email Is Evolving

Through tech savvy platforms such as BombBomb, videos are easily being embedded into the body of emails and becoming a mainstream norm. To have a successful video message, keep it short. You will have about 3 seconds to grab the viewer’s attention span. One important thing to keep in mind, is you will always want to use a 3rd party hosting service (such as BombBomb) when embedding the videos into the body of an email. This is to prevent the email from going directly into the Spam folder.

Newsletter templates are also becoming increasingly popular. If this is a method you would like to take, remember to stay consistent with your template as well as how often you send newsletters out. Without consistency your newsletter will just get buried in your customer’s inbox or deleted completely. Frequency and consistency are essential to building trust and relationships, as well as your brand.  Mailchimp, Constant Contact, HubSpot, and RocketMail are great resources to build newsletter templates if you’d like a starting point.

Avoiding the Spam Box

A lot of companies stray away from email in fear that their efforts will end up tucked away in the spam folder. One important thing to note is that there is no perfect science behind avoiding a Spam folder. Each inbox has individual account settings that push emails to Spam depending on emails that have landed there previously; however, there are common best practices to use to help avoid the abyss:

  • Check your email signature and ensure that you do not have an excessive amount of links. One to two links are acceptable — I recommend a link to your Website, and one of your social media pages (Facebook or LinkedIn).
  • Do NOT copy and paste an email over from Microsoft Word. Why? Because Microsoft Word has a lot of hidden HTML that will end up clogging up the backend of the email. With all of that data a lead’s spam filter will be triggered.
  • Stray away from using symbols in the subject line. Symbols have a higher rate of triggering the Spam filter and directing your email away from the inbox.

Pay Attention to What Works

Not sure if the newsletter template that you’ve been sending out is engaging? Trying different verbiage, or a different subject line, and then seeing what has the highest open rate will be the best way to find out. Email statistic software is available so you can see what works and what doesn’t work. Mailify is a great tool to use if your inbox does not have reporting built into it.

Email may be considered an old school tactic, but with over 200 million emails being sent out every minute in a day it remains a vital one. Email marketing is relatively easy and inexpensive; however, it can be rather time consuming. If you’d like to continue, or pick-up, email marketing but are feeling the pressure of time to perfect it — be sure to give us a call at (800) 759-7996 and we can give you a free consultation.

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