‘Tis the season for gift guides! Given the challenges many have faced this year, we are featuring products that small business owners can use to help grow their business in the new year and beyond. So whether you gift one of these products to your favorite entrepreneur or treat yourself to a little something, here’s the ultimate gift guide for small business owners: 

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1. Creative Market Gift Card

Creative Market helps connect users with talented designers around the world. You can search from millions of ready-to-use products include fonts, graphics, and stock photography. It’s a great business resource, even for non-creative based business owners. 

Ashley McGee, Director of Marketing

2. Mophie 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand

Small business owners always need to stay connected and charged up. With this charging stand, you’ll be able to charge all of your Apple products at once without creating cord chaos in your office!

Jackie Foster, Director of Business Development

3. Bosstab The Fusion Rotating Tablet Stand

If you are running your point-of-sale system via a tablet, this freestanding, flippable, and rotating tablet stand allows you to easily operate it between yourself and your customers.

Jackie Foster, Director of Business Development

4. Leatherology Business Card Holder

Opportunities can arise when you least expect them. Help make sure your favorite small business owner is always prepared. These sleek leather business card holders are purposeful and affordable. Add a monogram for a personal touch! 

Amanda Snyder, Senior Graphic Designer

5. Digital Camera

Continuing to visually improve your social media presence is key to growing your small business. More people are shopping from the comfort of their home during these uncertain times, especially during the holidays. A decent camera is a must in order to keep an appealing and professional look on your Instagram or Facebook feeds. Check out this list of the top cameras recommended for small businesses and bloggers.

Kylie Parr, Senior Account Manager

6. Apple Airpods

This year, I bought myself a set of AirPods to use while running, however, I was surprised at how much use I get out of them during the workday as well. I use them nonstop for client calls or even internal meetings. They are small enough to pop into my purse or laptop bag and there are cases where you can even hook them on your keyring. It’s also very convenient not to have to detangle the cord every time I take my headphones out of my bag.

Jenn Steere, Director of Operations

7. The Full Focus Planner

The Classic line from Full Focus Planner provides everything you want in a planner formatted in a 90-day achievement cycle that’s proven effective for success. It’s an ideal gift for someone who wants a clear, concise system without all the extra pizzazz or frills that often come with traditional planners.

Amanda Snyder, Senior Graphic Designer

8. Tile Tracker

This Bluetooth-enabled device pairs with the Tile app to help small business owners keep track of everything! Different sets of keys for a shop, warehouse, and home? Slide a Tile device onto the keychain so they can be easily found if they are ever misplaced! A Tile device can be placed in or on virtually anything, so you can’t go wrong with any of their devices like the Tile Sticker and the Tile Pro or cover all their bases with a combo pack!

Camille Vlahos, Senior Account Manager

9. Square Card Reader

This year has changed the business landscape with more people shifting online, forgoing physical business locations, and searching for ways to reduce touchpoints. The Square Card Reader device allows businesses to accept payments on the go when at different locations in the community rather than at their office space. We see hairdressers, food trucks, and many businesses in the Charleston Market using this device. 

Ashley Daniel, Account Manager

10. Ring Light

For other businesses going live on Facebook, presenting via Zoom, or working through telehealth services, a ring light is a great way to upgrade your workspace and put your best face forward. Ring lights are inexpensive and easy to use, but make a major impact when it comes to taking well-lit, quality photos. 

Abbay McCandless, Account Manager

11. Ember Mug + your favorite local coffee or tea

This smart temperature-controlled mug allows you to set an exact drinking temperature, so your coffee stays warm. Small business owners often hit the ground running in the morning and don’t stop for much of the day. Instead of coming back to a cold, forgotten cup of coffee, help them keep their caffeine fix with this stylish, smart mug. 

And since small business owners love to support one another, pair it with your favorite local coffee or tea. We love the Holiday Blend from Coastal Coffee Roasters and the Breakfast Tea from Charleston Tea Garden

Camille Vlahos, Senior Account Manager

12. Shashibo Puzzle Toy

The perfect way to keep yourself entertained when your computer finally decides it’s time to force you to install the five updates you’ve been putting off for the last 6 months. This puzzle toy comes in several funky designs and is made with super satisfying magnets that snap together as you make new shapes. 

Maddy Lucas, Account Manager + Certified Paid Ad Specialist

13. Skillshare Subscription

Skillshare is great to explore new ways to grow both for yourself and your business. They even have a section dedicated to entrepreneurship, business analytics, and leadership. This is also a great offering to be able to use to help one’s employees develop through new skills and trades.

Bianca Blue, Creative Director

14. Photography Session for New Headshots

We cannot overstate the importance of professional photography for businesses. Even for solo entrepreneurs. But, for many, getting headshots isn’t high on the priority list considering everything else competing for their attention and budget. Reach out to a local photographer to ask if they offer gift certificates or whether you can pay for a session in advance. An added bonus…you can support another small business owner in the process! 

Cary Saineghi, Director of Project Management

Are you a small business owner or will you be shopping for one? We would love to hear what products are on your wishlist or gift list this year! Head over to Instagram and drop your suggestions in the comments. 

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