How To Get More Clicks with Great Headlines

If you’re like me, plugging in the title of a blog post is usually the last thing you do. I have found that if I try to title a blog before I have finished writing, I fall that deep, dark hole we call writer’s block. That’s a pretty hard place to crawl out of, so I wrap up my writing and thought process before tackling the headline.

When you find yourself scrolling through Twitter or Facebook, what makes you want to read more on a subject? Yes, the image paired with the content is important (see exhibit A), and yes, it’s essential to make sure the subheading coordinates well with the content (see exhibit B), but it’s that title that ultimately wins a reader over.

Writing a headline can make or break a blog post, but no pressure. Luckily, we have some great guidelines that you can follow to write a blog title that gets the clicks!

Research shows that there is a simple equation to creating a headline worth clicking. By working “How-To” into your heading, incorporating informative titles, listicles with numbers and guides show higher click rates, more views and shares.

Get your title creation down to a science by creating templates so you can just plug and chug.

Using Numbers

For articles that use numbers, start your title off with the number followed by your noun and adjective (you can switch those two around) and finish it off with your keyword. If there is a goal, that can be added at the end as well.

Before: The Best Planners to Get Your Life Organized

After: 7 of Our Favorite Planners to Get Your Life Organized

Add a Call-to-Action

If you’re using a call-to-action headline, begin your title with an interactive verb. Follow it up with the keyword and add details or a goal at the end to appeal to your readers.

Before: Our New Cookbook is Now on the Shelves

After: Shop our New Cookbook for Tonight’s Dinner Inspiration

Incorporate Adjectives

Like any English lesson you sat through when you were younger, we suggest adding adjectives to spice up a potentially bland headline. As long as it makes sense, add adjectives in front of your nouns and follow up with details or a goal.

Before: The Ways to Make Your Flowers Last Longer

After: The Simple Ways to Make Your Beautiful Bouquets Last Longer

So while this all might seem like one big grammar lesson, try using some of these suggestions when coming up with your next title. Play around with these formulas and see if it makes a difference in community interaction and your blog click rate.

If this is making your palms sweaty just thinking about it, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This is what we specialize in here at The Modern Connection and we would love to help grow your brand.

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