Power Editor Vs. Ads Manager – And the Winner Is?

With Facebook Advertising becoming more than just an option to your business’s overall marketing plan, there’s a lot of discussion about whether to use Power Editor or Ads Manager. Hint: it’s crucial to implement social media advertising if you expect growth and conversions.

In many ways, they are similar – they’re both housed in the Business Manager platform, and allow admins to create audiences and campaigns to reach new potential customers. However, once you become comfortable and familiar with creating campaigns, you will notice the subtle, yet indistinguishable, differences between Power Editor and Ads Manager.

4 Features You Can Only Access With Facebook Power Editor

“Ads Manager is just, like, so Basic.” – Millennial Digital Advertisers

Ads Manager is a great introduction for those just learning the ropes of Facebook Advertising or who only need to do a handful of marketing campaigns for their page. Most professional advertisers prefer the complexity of Power Editor, which has several key features that only exist within Power Editor. These features include:

1. Advanced Mobile Targeting

4 Features You Can Only Access With Facebook Power Editor

56.5% of Facebook users only log in through cell phones and tablets, and 81% of advertising revenue comes strictly through mobile-based ads. As you can see, mobile usage is at the forefront of social media and advertising and it’s imperative to have a strategy that focuses on these channels.

In Power Editor, the following targeting options are available:

  • All mobile devices
  • Android only
  • iPhone only
  • Feature phones only.

This targeting option is fantastic for a business promoting their app that’s only available through the iPhone App Store, or a phone call-to-action ad that is written to drive phone calls to your business to set up an appointment or learn about services.

2. For Better Organization, Use Power Editor Tags

“With Organization Comes Empowerment” – Lynda Peterson

For effective marketing campaigns, it’s important to create and manage several ad groups and ads at once – you may begin to find this a little overwhelming, but with Power Editor, you can organize campaigns based on customized tags that you can name your different ads.

You can use tags to organize your campaigns into groups and make them easier to find in your dashboard.

4 Features You Can Only Access With Facebook Power Editor

3. Easy Duplication Capability

In Power Editor, you can easily duplicate an ad, make changes, and have it ready to publish. This method is much easier and more efficient than it would be if you were to use Ads Manager to duplicate an ad. You’d have to recreate the entire ad from scratch, where you run the risk of not making each ad precisely identical, save for the changed variable.

4. Bulk Editing and Exporting

Within each advertising campaign, can lie many Ad Groups, and within those subsets, multiple ads. For split testing, also known as A/B Testing, Power Editor allows a seamless transition to edit specific parts of the ads simultaneously, without having to go individually into each ad to edit by hand. This is a huge time-saver for anyone creating more than 10 campaigns or 50 ads per month. With Power Editor, you may work in bulk more smoothly.

Throughout the lifetime of Ads Manager, the dashboard has undergone extensive capabilities to accurately and succinctly visualize and report results. Although the importation and exportation of ads are still rather clunky versus using Power Editor – which you can export data and results directly to an excel spreadsheet to analyze results without confusion.

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