Dominate Your Content in 2017

It’s clear social media isn’t going anywhere, so it’s time for you get on board with strong and creative content. The simple purpose of platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. is to create online communication in building your business and personal relationships. Are you taking advantage?

Today’s social media algorithm’s make it more difficult for businesses to promote organic content, which explains the fast pace rise of paid Ad content. Sprout Social predicts “$41 billion to be spent on social media advertising in 2017.” So it’s time to jump on board. The need for your business to include engaging and interactive content in the new year is more important than ever.

You might be thinking, why would I need to pay for content? Is what I’m posting even helping my business? There are plenty of reasons why your social media advertising must have purpose and creativity for success. This is where we come into play.

1. Analytics are nothing new.

Are your posts being seen more on Monday morning, or perhaps Wednesday evening? Make sure you’re keeping track of your content regularly. Focus on which posts have the largest reach, highest interaction, the most retweets, likes, shares, comments, and the most popular time of day you receive activity. Tracking your analytics, on every platform, will help you considerably when planning out your future content and what time to post for your consumer.

2. Is your content performing as well as it should?

There is always room for growth. Businesses are realizing their pages aren’t gaining interest by sending out “robotic” content. Brands should avoid sticking to any automated content. It’s time to increase your creativity!

3. Are your posts reaching your business’s target demographic?

The most successful way to zone in on your area, age, and consumer’s interests is through paid advertising. Build monthly social campaigns on Ads Manager that target and interact with your consumer. We can’t recommend this enough.

4. Get personal.

Your customers want to be heard, and they are looking for a humanistic response. Listen to their needs, requests, and make sure to fix any issues with your brand in a timely matter. Keep up a steady, positive relationship with your customer. They are waiting to hear from you. This is a daily task, but pays off in the end (literally).

In 2017, the competition is only going to become stronger. It’s important to make changes with your online marketing plan to increase traffic and hit the ground running. Don’t let your business fall behind when millions of customers are within your reach. Ignite your creativity and dominate your online presence in 2017 with The Modern Connection Team.

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