Thanks in large part to social media, medical misinformation spreads like wildfire on the internet. One of the best ways to combat this epidemic is for physicians and healthcare practices to have an active social media presence where they can not only connect with current patients but also share accurate, evidence-based health care information with the public-at-large. 

The idea of managing an online presence can seem trivial and time-consuming for physicians who are often already stretched thin between providing patient care, conducting medical research, participating in continuing education and fulfilling administrative responsibilities. This can be especially true for those that aren’t tech-savvy and may not know the most effective ways to share information online.

To give you some inspiration, here’s a round-up of five doctors to follow on Instagram. These providers come from all areas of the healthcare industry from hospitals to private practice and represent a variety of specialties. 

1. Austin Chiang, MD MPH | Gastroenterologist

Dr. Austin Chiang is the director of bariatric endoscopy at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and the chief medical social media officer at Jefferson Health. He is triple board-certified in internal medicine, gastroenterology and obesity medicine. Additionally, he is a founding member and currently serves as president of the Association for Healthcare Social Media–the first professional society for health professional social media use. He shares evidence-based health care information in a relatable way and behind-the-scenes insights into the life of a physician on his posts, stories and YouTube channel.
instagram profile of austinchiangmd

2. Jenny Lui, MD | Dermatologist
At first glance, you might think Dr. Jenny Lui’s account is a lifestyle account. But, Dr. Lui is the chief of dermatology at Hennepin Health Care Clinic and Specialty Center and assistant professor for the Department of Dermatology at the University of Minnesota Medical School. She shares skincare tips from the perspective of a physician and mom. She also shares lessons she learned during her journey to becoming a physician, as well as insight into what it’s like to be married to a physician and be part of a dual-physician household.  
instagram profile of

3. Phil Boucher, MD | Pediatrician

Parents often turn to the internet for information regarding their child’s health whether it’s to learn more about a particular illness or condition or simply to know that they are not alone in whatever challenge they are facing. Dr. Phil Boucher, a board-certified pediatrician in Lincoln, Nebraska, shares his unique perspective as a physician and father of four children. He’s covered topics such as vaccinations, when to worry about a fever and transitioning your child to solid foods. His posts about helping infants sleep were so popular that he created two online sleep training workshops for parents.
instagram profile of drphilboucher

4. Danielle Jones, MD | OB/GYN

Also a founder of the Association for Healthcare Social Media, Dr. Danielle Jones is a board-certified physician and mom of four. After having grown such a following on Instagram, she decided to increase her reach potential by starting a YouTube channel. In 8 months, she has amassed nearly 150K subscribers. We love her fact versus myth and Q&A posts. By tailoring her content to the questions her followers frequently ask, she garners significant engagement with her audience.
instagram profile of mommydoctorjones

5. Leisel Teen | Labor & Delivery RN

Okay, so Leisel Teen isn’t a physician, but the Raleigh-based registered nurse has grown a following of more than 161K followers on Instagram. We love how she incorporates humor and personality into her posts. The ways that she thoughtfully uses photos and graphics to present information not only makes it easy to understand but easy to consume when you are scrolling through your feed. She also offers affordable online birth courses on her website to help educate women and make them feel more empowered about their birth decisions. 
instagram profile of mommy.labornurse
Between them, these health care professionals have nearly a quarter-million followers on Instagram alone. While undoubtedly their social media presence is helping to grow their practices, the much larger picture is that they are taking control of the conversation to help educate and empower people. In doing so, they’re able to fulfill their passion for helping others beyond the physical limitations of their four walls.

If managing your own social media accounts sounds too overwhelming or time-consuming, we’d love to help. Get in touch to request a free consultation. 

Disclaimer: Although we do provide social media management services for many medical practices throughout the country, TargetMarket does not manage any of the social media accounts mentioned above and currently does not represent any of these providers. Our goal for this post wasn’t to share a portfolio of our work but showcase the impact that physicians can have by leveraging social media. 

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