Cash in on Social With Instagram Stories

Instagram has been popular for sharing personal moments, but the platform is predicted to be one of the largest profitable ventures for social shopping. As consumers continue to spend the majority of time on a handful of social platforms, marketers are now seeing the opportunity to cash in. According to a July 2017 article by Forbes, “Instagram is the next QVC and future of commerce.” So if you’re hoping to reach the millions of customers already at your fingertips, it’s time to get focused on Instagram Stories. Let’s check out what some smart-marketing brands are currently experiencing.

Millennials purchase from brands they trust

The younger generation is attracted to a “real-time” advertising approach. They no longer want to fall for scams and crowded newsfeeds that target them as a “brand’s puppet.” It’s time to invest in professional quality content on social. For example, Instagram Stories are engaging and they target the more market-savvy generation that’s continuing to rise. Simon Moss, CEO of BrandBrief, a platform that connects influencers with brands, says “The selling power of influencers on Instagram is unprecedented. Their trust levels are high, engagement is high, and this helps convert from awareness to purchase. Best of all, brands can track what’s working.”


The use of shoppable branded video campaigns should always be included in your marketing strategy. If you take a look what’s happening with social media, video content receives the highest engagement and it continues to rise. No matter how large or small your business is, the use of shoppable video will entice your demographic to go from social media to check out.

Swipe to link

If you don’t already know, Instagram has recently incorporated a “Swipe Up” URL link feature for Instagram Story posts. Marketers are creatively using this feature for purchasing in the moment. For example, a consumer can now swipe straight to the products page mid video. Birchbox, according to AdWeek, “created seven shoppable videos of beauty products for a Mother’s Day campaign. And Dr. Brandt used the links to drive sales of face masks, resulting in a 500 percent increase in sales directly from Instagram in 10 days.” With the traditional barriers taken out of the equation, your brand can creatively go from Story to purchase!

Overall, now is the time to start cashing in on Instagram Stories. Especially with the swipe-up feature that goes directly to your products purchasing page. Since the feature has launched, the social media world has seen huge increases in engagement from brand followers. Social shopping is not a trend, so keep your eye on what’s to come from this perfect mobile to commerce platform! Maybe we are seeing the next QVC.

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