In 2013 Snapchat introduced its ‘story’ feature and although the popular app is used for the most part amongst the millennial and digital native generations, it didn’t take long for developers to realize Snapchat was onto something that benefitted more than just the tech-savvy contemporaries. Now, the ‘stories’ feature can be found across social platforms, namely Facebook and Instagram. One feature that seems to have everyone’s interest peaked is the ability for a user to stream video content live.

Commonly referred to as “going live,” this feature has the digital marketing community buzzing. It’s easy to do, has very minimal risk, but is great for organic reach and building and maintaining customer-to-business relationships. There are dozens of reasons why going live can benefit your business. Here are a few of the big ones:

It creates a sense of urgency

When you start a live video on Facebook or Instagram, it notifies your followers and encourages them to watch the video before it ends. This notification sparks the need for the user to make a quick decision on if they want to tune in. This decision is largely influenced by whether or not the user thinks they will be missing out by not watching your live stream.

Livestream feeds a general human curiosity

Livestream content is generated, captured and received all in real time. This means this content is for the most part raw, unedited and unscripted. That’s exactly what people want to see. Users like seeing content with ‘real’ people that gives them a glimpse into the ‘behind the scenes’ and day to day happenings of your business.  The informality of a livestream is a benefit to you and to your customers.

It heightens engagement tremendously

Livestreams give viewers a sense of involvement and belonging. According to Koeppel Direct, Facebook users comment 10x more often on live videos than they do on regular videos and spend 3x more of their time watching live streams versus regular videos. Facebook also continuously displays comments and reactions as they appear in real-time. This kind of intimate interaction is another thing users actively seek on social media.

It’s really, really easy

As long as you have a smartphone and a Facebook account you can do this. Of course, there are other platforms like Instagram and Youtube that also offer this feature but because Facebook is the most common, it should be your first focus. To start streaming a video all you have to do is start recording! Of course, some preparation is required depending on what you’re wanting viewers to get out of the video, but as for the dialogue and visual content, tactful improv is the way to go.

It’s a super trustworthy way to brand your business

Livestreaming is a great way to show off your products, facilitate a Q&A session, or go behind the scenes with your employees or product. Facilitating a Q&A about your company or topics related to your field allows viewers to see you as an industry leader. Behind the scenes live streams give you an opportunity to showcase a product or service and give viewers a sense of what your company or business is ‘really like’.

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