A Guide to Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook is constantly rolling out new features and tweaking existing features. It can be hard to keep up with the changes and additions, but that’s what we’re here to help with. Lead ads have been around for a while, but recently they have undergone a little facelift. So who should be using these lead ads and what do they even do?

Here is everything explained:

Lead ads are a customizable form that you can create to reach out to potential customers looking to sign up for more information on the service you are offering. In return, after the customer fills out the form, your business gets updated contact information that allows you to follow up.

As Facebook mentions in their Facebook Business forum, there are some businesses in particular that can really benefit from lead ads. But for most businesses, growing a newsletter contact list is important but it can be difficult. That’s where lead ads come in. You can create a form for potential customers to sign up with their email address and contact information. As we’re sure you’ve probably seen before, people who aren’t really interested in receiving email updates will steer clear of providing their email, but when someone takes the time to fill out a lead ad form, the customer relationship potential increases. It’s a win-win.

A Guide to Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook also lists financial, educational and professional services as companies that could see growth by using lead ads. Any of the institutions could easily create a form that asks the right questions to generate interest and build a clientele.

Retail or ecommerce businesses can customize their lead ads to provide offers, deals, coupons or discounts. By targeting the ad to customers that have never shopped with you before, this is an excellent way to increase brand awareness and sales.

A Guide to Facebook Lead Ads

And although it may seem very specific, Facebook also lists that the automotive industry can use this feature to provide information about new makes and models, they can use it to offer current deals they have going on for maintenance and an interested buyer could even schedule a test drive.

A Guide to Facebook Lead Ads

So, now that you have a better understanding of lead ads and what all they are capable of, let’s dig into the fine print. Because lead ads are allowing you to get more information from a potential customer through a Facebook ad than ever before, Facebook does require you to provide a link to your company’s privacy policy. You must also agree to not share or sell any customer information that you might collect.

There are a lot of nitty gritty details that go into creating a successful lead ad. You can read everything from recommended dimensions to character count suggestions here. If that seems like a daunting undertaking, don’t stress about which call-to-action button to select, that’s what we are here for. We will work closely with you to customize an ad that works for you and your business.

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