Have you decided to let professionals assist in bringing your branding and website dreams to life? Project Managers are defined as the person in overall charge of the planning and execution of a particular project. Meaning, they are there to keep both the clients and team on track throughout the project. In this blog, we’ll give you tips on successfully working with a project manager successfully whatever the project may be. First up, branding!

What to Expect Working with a Project Manager During a Branding Project 

Phase 1: Discovery 

If you are wanting to redefine and rebrand your company the agency you are working with will start with learning who your business is. This is one of the most important items in completing a project successfully because the people who are articulating your business in design need to be able to represent who you truly are. Answering questions from your project manager in an intake call will be beneficial for both you and the agency because they will be able to look at your answer throughout the project and not have to keep asking you. 


  • Who is your target audience?
  • Can you describe what your company does in 1-2 sentences?
  • Who are your competitors? 
  • What are some logos you like and don’t like?
  • Are there any color palettes you want to utilize and or ones you don’t?
  • What are your design goals? What are you trying to achieve?

The more responsive you are to your project manager the quicker your project will move along. The project can’t begin until the information is provided by you. 

Phase 2: Exploration 

Once you have provided the team with your goals and objectives a designer will begin creating 3-4 digitized logo concepts. In order to keep on track with the timeline of your project, it is important to be active in providing clear feedback to the team. 

Phase 3: Refinement  

After you provide your defined feedback to the design team and project manager the team will begin on your edits. Once your edits are completed the project manager will send over the updated versions and allow for 1-2 more revisions. Continue giving precise and specific feedback so the designer can tailor the logo to your liking. 

Phase 4: Deliver Final Logo 

Once the design team has nailed down your logo you will receive the logo files. 

The main characteristic of being a successful client when working with a project manager on a branding project is to be direct and distinct in your feedback. Additionally, it is important to respond back in a timely manner if you want your project to be completed by the proposed timeline. 

Consult with a Pro

TargetMarket loves learning about clients’ dreams and bringing them to life. Our project managers will educate you in the initial kickoff call on the process of your project, outline expectations for both you and our team, as well as put together a timeline. Ready to take a step in the right direction to achieve your branding desires? Contact us today to learn about our branding services as well as our other services.

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