Facebook gives you a huge blank canvas at the top of your business Facebook Page to do what you want with and show off your business. However, way too many businesses don’t take advantage of this piece of digital real estate. And now that users can even upload a video as their Page cover, we wanted to talk about a few different ways you can use your Facebook cover photo or video to promote your business.

1. Strengthen your brand

6 Ways to Use Your Facebook Cover Photo or Video

Use your brand colors, slogan, logo, or other elements in your cover photo to help strengthen your overall branding on your Facebook Page. The best way to take advantage of this is with a created graphic that fits the cover photo dimensions (820x312px on desktop–the middle 640px will appear on mobile).

2. Show off your product or service

6 Ways to Use Your Facebook Cover Photo or Video

Photography of your products or services is another great way to show off your business. By sharing a photo of what you sell at the top of your Facebook Page, visitors can immediately find out what your business does.

3. Promote holidays or times of the year

6 Ways to Use Your Facebook Cover Photo or Video

You could change up your branding to incorporate elements of holidays like Halloween or Christmas, or you could use fun themed holidays or months that make sense for your brand, like Charleston Tea Plantation did above. Changing your cover photo regularly is a great idea to consistently offer a new look and feel to your Facebook Page.

4. Show off your team

6 Ways to Use Your Facebook Cover Photo or Video

Buffer has an awesome cover video that shows off their entire team. It’s a great way to increase employee satisfaction and give a face to all of the people that produce your product or service behind the scenes. It’s also a really unique way to use Facebook’s new cover video feature.

5. Explain what you do

6 Ways to Use Your Facebook Cover Photo or Video

Give current and potential customers a better idea of what your business does through your cover photo. Use words on your cover photo, upload a photo or video, or create a graphic that illustrates what your business is all about.

6. Appeal to visitors’ senses

6 Ways to Use Your Facebook Cover Photo or Video

People like food and drink, yes? Appeal to the senses of your Facebook visitors with some nice food pictures from your restaurant, bar, or catering business. When people are surfing Facebook while starving and trying to find a good restaurant, make your cover photo the selling point so that they come to yours.

Still not sure the best route to take for your business? Give us a call at (888) 632-4499 and we can help you out or create your cover photo for you! We offer full-service management and consulting for your digital marketing.

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