Ready for some cold, hard facts? Blogging is essential to your brand’s online presence. The number of visitors your website receives depends largely upon Search Engine Optimization (or SEO). And guess what tactic is proven to help boost your SEO? You guessed it. Blogging.

Whether you already knew that or you are just now starting to dip your toes into the water that is your business’s digital presence, it’s time to get those fingers warmed up to do some writing. Like most things in the digital marketing industry, there is a formula to follow if you really want to make the most of your business’ blog.

Here are 5 ways to give your online presence a boost and master blogging:

Include more media

We definitely suggest that each blog has at least one image associated with it, but it’s time to break out the gifs and the videos. And add more photos! Even if you don’t have the resources for your own library of professional photography, a high-quality iPhone shot or even a free stock photo will do the trick.

Write a lengthier post

You are obviously passionate about your brand because you started your business for a reason. It’s time to share that passion with your readers! Be thoughtful when deciding on a blog topic and be sure that it stays in line with your brand. Even if time doesn’t allow you to blog more than twice a week, make each blog post worth it. Aim for more than 300 words no matter what.

Share your posts on social media and invest in some ad spend

No matter what social media platforms your business is on, be sure to share the link to your blog posts. You should be sharing a blog multiple times to increase the likelihood of expanding your audience. Designate a budget to promote your blog shares on social media as well. That way, you’ll be able to reach people who don’t already follow you. It’s a win-win.

Use analytics

The back end of a website is built with the capabilities to provide analytics. Just like they are used on social media platforms, analytics on a website can be used to tailor material to your audience. You can use Google Analytics to dive deeper into your stats, but if you’re just getting started, test out the analytics that are included on your website.

Blog more often

Like I said before, blogging twice a week just isn’t feasible for some business owners, we totally get it! But it is important to at least update your blog once a month. Search engines are checking your website regularly to make sure it stays relevant. By blogging at least once a month, you and your website will be golden. But just to put it out there, blogging more than that never hurts anyone. In fact, it helps boost SEO and the chances of someone finding you via a google search.

Being a business owner involves making a lot of decisions. One of those decisions shouldn’t be to sacrifice your website’s blog because there just isn’t enough time. That’s why you’ve got us! We’re here to help give your blog the umph that it’s been missing. If you are ready to talk digital, give us a call at (888) 632-4499 to set up a free consultation.

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