Goal setting, resolution making, word-of-the-year, vision boards. No matter how you ring in the new year, most of us are eager to jump aboard when it comes to a fresh start on January 1st. The resolutions don’t have to stop with personal growth though. This year, try setting resolutions for your brand. 

We’ve put together 5 social media resolutions for you to stick with for your business: 

Schedule Content

Running your brand’s social media presence takes time. No way around it. It takes time to plan, create and execute. We have found that many businesses that take charge of their own social media start off with the best intentions of posting daily, but life (and running a business) gets in the way. That’s why we always suggest sitting down at your computer when you have some time and scheduling content out at least a week in advance. Set time aside every week, two weeks or once a month to create content and schedule it out on every platform. Then if a special deal, sale or update pops up on a day, you can post it in the moment, but you don’t have to worry about working on content daily. 

Fresh Brand Photography

Unless you just had photos taken recently, odds are your brand’s photography could use a refresh. Maybe that means grabbing pictures of new menu items, new employees, an addition to your brick and mortar location or just a chance to capture your brand in the new year. Like most everything, businesses evolve, and the images you are using on social media should reflect that evolution. 

Community Interaction

You’ve worked hard to build your social media following, but it doesn’t stop there. Your followers have to be nurtured and acknowledged. That’s where community interaction comes in. Replying to comments from your followers on recent posts, responding to reviews and reaching out and interacting with potential customers is all part of community interaction. We get it, life gets busy and it can be easy to schedule your content out and forget to monitor. But this year, resolve to check in on your social accounts at least once a day and respond back to reviews and comments. And don’t forget to set some time aside to reach out to accounts that might not be following you already, building your following should never stop! 

Routinely Check All Social Media for Updates

Make a habit of checking all of your social media platforms (and your website) to assure all of your information is up to date. If you have seasonal hours, be sure to adjust them. Double check that your phone number and website are listed correctly everywhere. These might be small details, but they are so important! 

Monthly or Quarterly Content Planning

Carving time out of your schedule to plan for upcoming content will help everything else fall into place. Meet with your team once a month or quarterly to brainstorm content creation ideas based on upcoming events, seasons, holidays, and sales. Being able to refer back to a list of ideas will help map out your plan for upcoming social media posts. Go ahead and set meeting times in your calendar for the rest of the year to make this a priority. 

All of these resolutions involve an investment of your time, but the benefits that come with the hard work being put into building your digital presence are so worth it. If time is something you’re lacking as a business owner, that’s where we come in. At TargetMarket, we work with businesses and brands to make sure their digital presence is a representation of the hard work put into it. Get in touch with us today to set up your free consultation! 

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