Types of Great Content to Create and Share

As it tends to do, social media marketing is continuing to evolve. There’s still a huge emphasis on content, but the types of content that perform well are really changing. Photos and articles were once the bread and butter, but now our audience is expecting more.

In order to accommodate expectations and keep up with competitors, we have to switch up our content strategies. So we’re presenting you with 4 types of awesome content that you need to add to your social media repertoire.

1. GIFs

GIFs are especially popular on Twitter, and the platform has even integrated with Giphy to incorporate a GIF library into the platform. This means that you can search for a GIF while composing your tweet.

Types of Great Content to Create and Share

You can also create your own GIFs using Giphy. You can turn a video clip into a GIF, or turn several images into a GIF slideshow.

People love GIFs and are more likely to interact with content that includes GIFs. These can be used to further illustrate a point, as visual content, or for comical relief.

2. Boomerangs

Boomerang is a smartphone app that is owned by Instagram and can create quick one-second videos. These are fun to use in content as a visual extra, and there are many different ways to use these.

This #boomerang app is kinda fun.

A video posted by Simon Chan (@simon.velo) on

Take a boomerang of someone swiping a card if you run a financial institution, take a boomerang of animals doing something funny if you run a vet or pet care center, or take a boomerang of your team members to show off your employees. Get creative and think of other ways you can incorporate these quick video clips with your product or service.

3. Snapchat or Instagram Stories

Since Instagram just launched its own version of stories, you have two options here. Although we believe that Instagram stories are better than Snapchat for business, you can also use both platforms and share different content on each one.

The fun thing that Snapchat stories offer is the filters and stickers that you can use to add a little “something extra” to your images.

Types of Great Content to Create and Share
However, as you can see above in our recent Instagram story, it’s possible to add colors and text to your images on Instagram. Repurposing these to share on other platforms is a great way to get more engagement from your followers (and also a great way to cross-promote your Snapchat or Instagram and get new followers).

4. Infographics

Infographic stands for informational graphic, so it’s a long graphic that shares statistics, charts, and other information. You can even repurpose blog posts in infographic form and share them on Pinterest and other social media platforms to get send more people back to your website.

If you don’t have a graphic designer, Canva is a free online graphic design service that offers infographic templates in order to get a good start. Long, vertical graphics such as these perform very well on Pinterest, and have the potential to become a viral pin. So basically what I’m saying is that yes, it is worth it to spend your time creating infographics.

If creating content like this takes up a good chunk of time you’ve set aside for your social media marketing, then it’s okay to post to your profiles fewer times each week. After all, 3-4 really great posts is much better than 7 posts that are okay at best. Don’t have enough time? Contact us at The Modern Connection and we can handle it for you!

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