We’ve discussed in the past how important it is for your business to have a blog, as it drives traffic to your website, improves SEO, and builds credibility. However, coming up with a topic isn’t always an easy task, especially if you’ve been blogging consistently for a while now. Our list below of possible blog post ideas is a great reference for when you’re feeling stuck!

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  1. Introduce the staff
  2. Show how people are using your product or service
  3. Share customer reviews
  4. Answer any frequently asked questions
  5. Interview your new employee
  6. Interview your employee who has been with the company the longest
  7. Share the history of your company
  8. Discuss any philanthropic work you’ve done
  9. Create a travel guide for your city
  10. Have a Q&A with your CEO and/or Founder
  11. List your favorite online resources your company uses
  12. Take readers through a day in the life at your company
  13. Inform readers of current trends in your industry
  14. Introduce a new product or feature
  15. Write a DIY or how-to post that pertains to your industry
  16. Show the “behind the scenes” of your office or the making of your product
  17. List the best industry-related apps
  18. Provide a free downloadable checklist that would be useful for your readers
  19. Share your companies favorite Instagram accounts to follow
  20. Feature a long-time customer
  21. Look ahead at your companies future
  22. Write a recap of an important event for your company
  23. Share your most popular blog posts
  24. Invite people to guest write on your blog
  25. Present a solution for a problem your customer has
  26. List the most helpful books for your industry
  27. Update readers on industry news
  28. Share a fun blog post that shows the personality of your team
  29. Make a prediction for your industry
  30. Host a giveaway
  31. Discuss something customers might not know about you
  32. Reshare a previous blog post with new information
  33. Tell readers about a recent highlight for your company
  34. Create a list of blogs you keep up with
  35. Share how your company is inspired

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