3 New(-ish) Tools for Content Inspiration

No matter your role or your job title, if you are creating content for a brand, it’s likely that you will hit a creative brick wall every now and then. Coming up with relatable content, interesting blog topics and fresh graphics can become a chore if the inspiration well has run dry.

If you’re reading this and nodding your head like, “YES, please help”, here are 3 new(-ish) tools that you can use for a content refresh:

Keyword Planner

This Google tool helps content creators discover new keywords and compare new keyword trends. The Keyword Planner helps to find the most relevant keywords for your business just by searching words and phrases that are related to your products or services (which can be super helpful when coming up with blog topics). Even though this tool is linked to your Google AdWords account, don’t get intimidated. You just have to sign up for an account and link to your website for you to be able to get the most out of all of the tools Google offers. This tool also allows you to see how often certain keywords are searched and how their search volume changes over time, ultimately helping you to narrow down your keyword list and hone in on your budget.


The app’s motto is “find the best captions for any moment” and it does a great job of summing up it’s purpose. The app was probably created for millennials who spend more time coming up with a clever caption than taking an actual picture, but come to find out, it works pretty well to get the creative juices flowing.

Start your search with one keyword that you are wanting to focus on and their search engine will pull up the top results for a corresponding caption. The downloadable keyboard is easy to toggle back and forth from and is accessible on any open platform (from your text messages to Instagram). The majority of the captions are user generated, so you might have to weed out a few misses to get a hit. And keep in mind that the suggested content doesn’t have be to used word-for-word and can just serve for inspirational purposes.

3 New(-ish) Tools for Content Inspiration

3 New(-ish) Tools for Content Inspiration


This app’s main purpose is to make it easy to add text and artwork to graphics but it has another great selling point. The community page is a collection of graphics made from other users for all different kinds of businesses and events. It’s a great place to gather inspiration for your next graphic. From yoga studios to jewelry boutiques, the graphics are an awesome way to feed off of others’ creativity.

3 New(-ish) Tools for Content Inspiration

3 New(-ish) Tools for Content Inspiration

It’s our job to stay on top of trends, find the latest apps and come up with creative content. So if you’re reading all of this and not sure you can balance it all, that is what we are here for. Set up your free consultation with us today to see how we can make the most out of your digital presence.

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