According to an old adage, your customer is your business. Unfortunately, many companies fail to execute an effective online marketing strategy and lose potential customers. Your clients expect an immediate response to their questions and concerns, meaning that a strong online presence is a crucial aspect of your business model. A personal, interactive, and creative social media strategy will capture hearts and wallets.

Personalize your marketing

Customers who feel personally connected to your brand will respond with frequent visits to your website or storefront and purchase your products more often.

To create customer loyalty, personalize your advertisements to match the identity and interests of your audience. Add customers’ first names into the subject line of any emails you send, include information about their order status, a new sale, or an automated happy birthday message.

New technology allows you to target your customers by location, which is especially relevant if you operate a local business or are promoting a campaign in a certain geographical area. Use customers’ past purchases and most-viewed items to create relevant advertisements.

Interact with customers

Today’s companies are expected to maintain a consistent online presence. Customers want their questions, compliments, and complaints to be acknowledged by the brand they are engaging with. Ignoring inquiries or feedback reflects poorly on your customer service efforts and may push customers away.

When confronted with an unfamiliar business, most people will place more trust in honest reviews than a commercial, so don’t forget to monitor the reactions on your Facebook advertisements. If angry face emojis or negative comments pop up, it may be time to reevaluate your product and create a new ad.

Remember, social media isn’t just an outlet for your promotional campaigns, it’s primarily a platform to engage with your customers and meet their needs.

Create content that resonates

Sharing relevant, informative articles and videos is more effective than spamming your followers with content for the sake of content. Your customers’ time is valuable, and they will not spend it on an article that doesn’t provide useful information.

Try to promote a blend of curated and original content that your audience finds interesting. Analyze any available data on customer preferences and listen to customer feedback for insight on what topics are important to them.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and add humor to your social media strategy if your business permits. While there is certainly a need for providing informative articles, customers will also appreciate a funny meme or tweet.

Social media is one of the best available tools for connecting with your customers and learning from their feedback. If you need to revitalize your marketing strategy, reach out to our team at (888) 632-4499 for proven results.

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