With only a few weeks left of the holiday season, it’s crunch time for finding the perfect gifts for those you hold near and dear. And what better gift can you give than something that will make their lives a bit easier? For ideas on productivity-boosting presents, look no further than our 2021 gift guide. From planners that keep things organized to the small appliances that supply our much-needed caffeinated beverages, each member of the TargetMarket team has at least one thing that helps them conquer any day ending in Y.  Check out the must-haves that make our crew’s days more productive.

1. May Designs Planner

I have been ordering May Designs planners for 5-6 years now and use mine every day to stay organized! I love the customization options, the fun patterns, and the different sizes they come. May Designs has also started branching out into accessories as another way to utilize their awesome patterns with things like drinkware, bags, phone/computer wallpapers, phone cases, and thank you cards. There’s definitely something here for everyone!

Ashley Dority, Certified Paid Ad & SEO Specialist

2. Blue Sky Planner

Working as a Social Media Manager means meeting deadlines and wearing many hats, such as creating content, scheduling, writing blogs, pinning on Pinterest, responding to reviews, creating marketing strategies, and attending meetings, so managing your time is key. In order to use time more effectively, a good monthly and weekly planner is a must. For me, a busy schedule feels more manageable when my tasks are blocked off and I can check off one thing at a time. Who doesn’t like checking off everything on your to-do list? My planner of choice for personal and work is a flexible 8 ½ x 11 by BlueSky. These are large enough to fit everything I need inside and slim enough to fit in my computer bag.

Kylie Parr, Senior Account Manager

3. MUJI Gel Ink Pens

As a proud, 90s-born millennial, you may be surprised to find that my must-have items are good ole fashioned pens and a weekly planner. Google Calendar is great and all, but nothing helps me stay on track of my deliverables, meetings, and social scheduling better than writing it down. My planner of choice varies from year to year, but these pens are truly supreme.

Abbay McCandless, Account Manager & Web Designer

4. Artist Tools & Supplies

Quality artist supplies make a big difference when sketching, inking, and presenting. Having a good sketchbook like the Blick Studio Hardbound Sketchbook on hand keeps sketches and ideas together. The go-to black sharpie has always been great for filling in larger areas and having a consistent line. If I am not creating by hand I would highly recommend purchasing the app Procreate for the iPad. It is the best $10 you can spend on an app even if you’re just interested in drawing, coloring, and having fun creating.

Patrick Brickman, Creative Director

5. Apple AirPods Pro

These are a work-from-home game-changer. I currently own regular AirPods, but once I borrowed my husband’s AirPods Pro, there was no turning back. The Pros are currently on my wishlist. I love my AirPods, but I find the Pros to be more comfortable and they drown out the constant hum of lawnmowers in my neighborhood during Zoom calls.10/10 recommend!

Camille Vlahos, Senior Account Manager

6. External Computer Monitor

After working off a small laptop throughout college, having a larger computer monitor has changed my workday. Having a bigger external screen connected to my laptop allows me to not only see the documents and websites I’m working on larger but also gives me a second screen at my desk. I highly recommend purchasing a computer monitor if you haven’t already. Your workday will be more productive!

Ashleigh Daniel, Project Coordinator

7. Electric Tea Kettle

Whether you’re at the office, working from home, or it’s a much needed day off chances are you’re gonna go for a tea or coffee. If you’re like me the drink of choice is tea, and most likely multiple brews throughout the day. How else is a developer supposed to push through website builds and coding errors? Having an eletric kettle in my work space to quickly boil water for any hot beverage has provided me quick and easy access to a pick-me-up whenever I’ve needed it.

Cory Carpenter, Senior Developer

Are you a lover all things that boost productivity?  Are you shopping for someone who fits that description? We would love to hear what products are on your wishlist or gift list this year! Head over to Instagram and drop your suggestions in the comments. 

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