In a world where we’ve grown accustomed to instant gratification, pre-made website templates and drag-and-drop website builders can be appealing. Popular sites like Squarespace and Wix make it so easy that you could have a website up in a day. But it’s important to understand the difference between website templates and custom website design.

What is a Website Template?

Essentially, templates allow you to squeeze your company’s essential information into an established theme with colors, fonts and organizational elements. Sounds simple, but utilizing templates come with a fair amount of challenges and limitations that can affect your website’s ability to convert visitors to customers.

Why Custom Website Design Matters

Your website is the foundation of your entire digital marketing strategy. It’s your company’s most important sales and marketing tool. The bottom line is that custom website design matters. Here’s why: 

One size does not fit all

Templates are marketed as a simple and affordable way to set up a website. In some ways, this is true. You can change your font color and some other simple aesthetic features, but that is generally where the ease of customization stops. Changing the functionality of elements is virtually impossible for someone without website design knowledge and experience. 

Pre-made t