As we know, digital marketing isn’t a one size fits all. There are various ways to reach and market to your consumer based on industry, your target audience, or even based on current marketing trends. However, not all businesses will want to jump on the bandwagon for each new trend, as they shouldn’t, particularly B2B (or business to business) marketing. While B2C (or business to consumer) typically can cast a wider net, B2B tactics tend to be more direct and targeted, as their audience is more niche to their industry. 

If your brand is B2B, here are ways to make sure you are reaching your target audience: 


First things first. Is your website up-to-date and does your website best represent your business and the service offerings or products you offer? Websites are not a one and done type of product, they need constant nurturing and updates to ensure you are where you want to be within the search engines and so that your products and or services are being represented to the best of your ability. 

A website in 2020 should include company information, contact information, links to social media profiles, a contact form to generate leads, product/service information, and a blog, not only for SEO value but also to provide value to your customers and keep them coming back for more. This is particularly true for targeting other businesses. If your website is outdated or not user friendly, this will reflect poorly on your